Support for Punjabi students

An online support group for Punjabi students.

Take part in a fortnightly zoom call with other Punjabi students, led by an experienced facilitator, for mutual support, discussion and strategies to support your wellbeing.

We are offering two support groups for Punjabi students:

  • A general space for all Punjabi students
  • A specialised space for LGBTQ+ students

This support group is designed to be culturally safe - to recognise and centre Punjabi communities and experiences while also valuing you as an individual.

It is delivered by Taraki, an organisation working with Punjabi communities to reshape approaches to mental health. dedicated to improving mental health in Punjabi communities.

How to sign up

You can sign up for these sessions on Taraki’s Eventbrite page.

Once you have signed up you will be sent several reminders and a Zoom link which will be used for the discussion.

If the session is over-subscribed you will be placed on a waiting list and will automatically be added if others drop out.

Sessions for LGBTQ+ students

An open and non-judgemental space for self-identifying LGBTQ+ Punjabi students to connect, learn and support one another.

What happens in the support group?

Each session will be led by an experienced facilitator who identifies as Punjabi, and will include around 8-15 students taking part.

The facilitator will create a space for you and the other participants to discuss your wellbeing, share the challenges that you’re facing, and support each other with strategies and resources to help face those challenges.

The session is a confidential space where people can speak without fear of judgement and stigmatisation.

Each session will cover a unique topic , but the sessions may include:

  • Facilitated group discussion
  • Guided group activities
  • Skill-based workshops, for example meditation.